We’re Online

Even though the final plugin is not quite ready we’re online and ready to go.  We have tested extensively and worked hard to create a flexible, affordable, two step login authentication system for any wordpress site.

Whats two step authentication?

In case you live under a rock and have never seen or heard of two step authentication we’ll give you a simple overview. Every time you try to login while you have two step authentication active it will send you a text or email with a custom generated login code that you will need to enter into the form before you will be able to login.  If someone tries to get into your site or blog they will be unable to continue the login sequence without the login pin code. You have the option for email or text pin codes and also have settings to decide which roles may or may not opt to use it.  Because of US texting laws, you cannot force your users to opt for the sms messages, for this reason the option appears in the users profile or on a page via a shortcode allowing the user to manage their preferences.   See how much safer you feel with our simple two step authentication.

Upcoming Features

Login Limits and IP lockouts

A free WP 2 step Android app as another option to receive codes

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